Let God Be Present Part 1: God’s Presence Even When You Might Not Want It

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Episode 32 of the podcast is the first part of a 3 part series where I read from my book, Let God Be Present. In this first part, I do a brief introduction about how I have always struggled with the word “spirituality” and why this particular book fits with the idea of this podcast. After the intro, I read the introduction to the book itself and then move into the longer section, which is Part 1 of the book, titled “God’s Presence Even When You Might Not Want It: A Reflection on Exodus 31-33.”

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A little more about Let God Be Present…

What does it really mean to connect with God? We search for meaning, connection, or guidance, but rarely let go of our pre-conceived notions of what we want to hear. This book asks you to trust God to be present and speak on His terms, rather than insisting that God fit in with your own idea of what He should be doing in your life. 

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