Scott Perkins | Defining Your Identity and Finding Your Value in Christ

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Episode 15 of the podcast features and interview with Scott Perkins. He is a discipleship coach and the author of the book Tree of Lies: Transforming Decisions, Behaviors, and Relationships By Gaining Perspective On Your Identity in Christ. We have a fantastic conversation about what identity in Christ really means, and the dangers of basing our identity and value in other things.

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  • “Ministry happens wherever you are.”
  • “In our weakness and vulnerability there can be great power.”
  • “The central lie that we tend to believe is that we need something in addition to or in place of God for wholeness.”
  • “If your first thought when it comes to developing a rhythm of life is ‘I don’t have the time’ this might be an on-road to understanding your identity.”

In this episode, we discuss:

  • The challenges of ministry in the Church
  • Challenges for congregational leaders, trap of numbers, double standards for pastors
  • The problem of using results as a measure for our spiritual life, rather than our identity in Christ.
  • How our identity must only be in God and not in other things (even things that are good!)
  • Doing spiritual practices not to earn God’s approval, but to live as who God created you to be.
  • How to build a rhythm of life – just start something – set small goals.
  • What is discipleship coaching?

3 things to move forward in your identity in Christ:

  1. Know what you look to as your defining characteristic (e.g. other people’s approval)
  2. Know how you’re created (e.g. introvert or extrovert)
  3. Finding a rhythm of life

Spiritual Practices that we touch on:

  • One-line prayer in the morning – a way to remind ourselves about our identity in Christ
  • Journalling based on Scripture
  • Walking and Hiking as prayer. Repeating a short scripture passage while walking.
  • Silent Meditation – used as a reminder to listen for God and to shut down lies that you tell yourself.
  • Using a word or a phrase as a way of focussing in prayer.
  • Leaving time for quiet, stillness, listening.
  • Once a week – Examine (looking back on the week)
  • An open Bible near the door and a commitment to reading at least one verse.
  • Trinkets and icons as ways of reminding you to pray or read the Bible.

Once again, I mention the book Mini-Habits by Stephen Guise.

Examples of one-line prayers:

  • Lord Jesus, have mercy of me, a sinner. (The Jesus Prayer) – good prayer for living in grace.
  • Holy Spirit come and fill me with your joy.


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